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Columns in table wp_users:


Columns in table wp_usermeta:

 meta_key [if equals 'primaryblog']

The id in wp_users and the user-id in wp_usermeta are same. I am expecting the result as

id, user_login, meta_key, meta_value

I tried:

select a.user_id,a.meta_key,a.meta_value 
from wp_usermeta as a 
where meta_key = 'primaryblog' 
inner join b.id, b.user_login 
from wp_users as b on a.user_id=b.id

How to get the intended result?

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JOINS should come before the WHERE clause –  A.O. Dec 17 '13 at 21:19

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The JOIN comes before the WHERE clause:

  a.id, a.user_login, b.meta_key, b.meta_value
FROM wp_users a
JOIN wp_usermeta b ON a.id = b.user_id
WHERE meta_key = 'primaryblog';
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