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I have a ts (time serie) object in R that contains long periods of missing value. I would like to extract a part of it and keep the time series object.

for example with the AirPassengers Data:

#output: "ts"

but if I extract only the 10 first month

#output: [1] 112 118 132 129 121 135 148 148 136 119

#output: "numeric"

How can I simply extract a part of my time serie without loosing the ts class?

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Thx this is perfect. I never think of searching on stats.stackexchange! I will do so next time. –  Paul Fournel Dec 17 '13 at 21:35

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As it was said here, the solution is to use the window function:

window(AirPassergers, 1960, c(1960, 4))

     Jan Feb Mar Apr
1960 417 391 419 461
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