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Having trouble formatting the x-axis of this time-series chart using d3 js.

Here is a working example: http://tributary.io/inlet/7798421

The issue: I can only see 1 date (label) on my x-axis, regardless of total # of ticks specified. How can I display the time on x-axis with 4-6 ticks?

EDIT: Solution below thanks to Lars.

Here is my time in UTC:

var data = [
    {"time": 1387212120, "open": 368, "close": 275, "high": 380, "low": 158},
    {"time": 1387212130, "open": 330, "close": 350, "high": 389, "low": 310},
    {"time": 1387212140, "open": 213, "close": 253, "high": 289, "low": 213}];

data.forEach(function(d){ d.time = new Date(d.time * 1000) });

And then d3 accept it, in default format, or you can customize.

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The problem is that Javascript Date objects (into which you are implicitly converting your timestamps) are not timestamps in seconds, but in milliseconds. If you multiply all your time values by 1000, it works.

Complete example here. I've also made the conversion to Dates explicit.

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Excellent, first experience with Time as X-axis, amazingly concise and simple solution to get it working. Thanks. – DeBraid Dec 17 '13 at 22:27
Very helpful and elegant, thank you. – cs_stackX Oct 3 '15 at 7:50

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