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Please suggest some website or some book that deals with these topics in really good detail.

I need to have a better understanding of these concepts (in reference to C++):

  1. stack and heaps
  2. symbol tables
  3. implementation of scope rules
  4. implementation of function calls
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Start here:… – S.Lott Jan 14 '10 at 14:09
Also, read this: – S.Lott Jan 14 '10 at 14:10
Are you writing a C++ compiler? Or are you trying to learn the C++ language? – S.Lott Jan 14 '10 at 15:42
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You could read the Dragon Book, but I guess it might be too much.

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For calling functions, this Wikipedia page is great: x86 calling conventions - it explains the various ways to translate function calls to assembly.

Also, this Wikibook on x86 Disassembly, has some interesting pages on this topic:

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Try online version of the "Linkers &Loaders" book. Chapter 11 may help you with these concepts w.r.t C++. A very good book to get your fundamentals right. Try Gustavo's excellent blog to understand concepts of memory management (stack, heap and a lot more).

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Gustavo's blog is the most excellent piece of technical explanation I've seen to date. Esp. when it's in an area that is full of jargon. Clarity, simplicity and detail with superb pictures. Simply amazing. Note: The Dragon book is not the best place to grasp these concepts, even for intermediate programmers. – GuruM Jan 15 '13 at 14:17

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