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In the OSGi world, you can register a Servlet using

HttpService.registerServlet(String alias, Servlet servlet, Dictionary initParams, HttpContext context);

So, for a bundle with a SymbolicName foo.bar, I could do

HttpService.registerServlet("/foo", new FooServlet(), null, null);

I want to extend this registerServlet method to ensure that the alias starts with the bundle's SymbolicName, i.e. "/foo.bar". I need to do this to provide URL namespace isolation between bundles based on their SymbolicName, so they don't accidentally register servlets at the same alias.

What is the best way to achieve this, other than modifying the implementation of HttpService? Are there any service extension hooks where I could add my validation logic? Could I somehow extend HttpService and override registerServlet method and hide the existing one?

I am using Apache Felix in the bridged mode.

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When you register a servlet, the Servlet.init is called. Maybe you can do some check in there?

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