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i have a form that deletes the comment its in.

To only allow the page that carries out the php action to be viewed when the form is submitted i do a basic

if (isset($_POST['submit-delete'])) {
     // carry out delete

this works fine, but i am using ajax to not reload the page.

The response is the same as i have used else where:


type: "POST",
url: "process/deletecomment.php",
data: $(".delrepcomment").serialize(),
dataType: "json",
success: function(response){
    if (response.commentDeleted === true) {
    else {
        $('.delrepcomment').after('<div class="error">Something went wrong!</div>');
    return false;

This however doesnt work, unless i remove the check to see if the form has been submitted.

Whats the best way around this? I want to keep the check for the form being submitted incase of js being turned off or any direct access attempts.


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You should post the data you require for the script to work. In your case, you have to post a key-value-pair with "submit-delete" as the key and an arbitrary value (unless you check that value later in the code).

On the other hand, PHP stores the used HTTP method in $_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD'], this would be "POST" in your case.

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