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Hoping for a simple function I can use to store emails securely and retrieve easily when required to send emails.

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Kind of a general question, but here are a few solutions I'm familiar with:

  • use django-encrypted-fields, which has an EncryptedEmailField
  • you can override the save method for encrypting the email yourself, then override the post_init signal for decryption. See example here (which is based on this)
  • you can build your own encrypted email field, see django snippet here (uses pyCrypto)
  • you can use django-extension's EncryptedCharField
  • If none of the above seems good enough, try google-ing around by yourself. You're probably not the first to tackle this problem

good luck.

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I'm sure I can get one of those to work. Thanks for the quick summary of options. –  user2916527 Dec 18 '13 at 0:35

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