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I'm working on an ETL using C# in which extracts data from a remote MySQL database that requires an SSH tunnel to connect. I currently have it working such that I first create my SSH tunnel manually using PuTTY and then programmaticly connect to the database normally using a MySqlConnection object, etc.

How can I programmatically create the SSH tunnel using C#/.NET? Are there any libraries for doing this and/or is anything built into the .NET framework itself that would aid me in doing this?

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Cmon Haim, give a little info along with the great link. – Tj Kellie Jan 14 '10 at 15:59
  1. Create keys so you don't have to use a password for SSH.
  2. Do the proper SSH command with the proper arguments(for TCP forwarding)(calling an external EXE such as putty)
  3. Use the proper connections settings.
  4. Your done!
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