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I want to learn about olap and 'cubes', I have a very limited understanding and looking for recommendations on good beginner books on these sort of topics.

I use sql server primarily so if the book is geared towards sql server it would be ideal.

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Raj posted a good cross reference link to some books on Analysis Services.

Not knowing the exact reason you are wanting to learn about OLAP, I would also throw out that you read a book or some articles that cover some of the general concepts of "BI". I have had a little experience with Analysis Services, but what I found more useful is understanding the concepts of the "space" and then seeing how they are applied by Microsoft through AS.

Step one, one could say, is see why you need a cube and why BI (as a technology) is useful...(eg. transactional vs reporting data structures...aggregating data etc).

Ralph Kimball, if I recall, is often though of the guru and father of a lot of this stuff. You might start there. Hope that helps.

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The OLAP tool for SQL Server is Analysis Services. Besides Essbase probably the most popular OLAP tool on the market.

A good book to learn OLAP and Analysis Services is:

Expert Cube Development with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services

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