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I need help in implement the below (#a and #b )requirement with respect projekktor playlist.

Suppose if there are 3 videos in playlist .

a) How can i load 2nd or 3rd video automatically when player starts.

b) If 2nd video has been watched 30min (cnsidering total duration as 1 hour) , then the 2nd video needs to played automatically starting at 31 min on page load.

Below is my code.

<video id="player_a" class="projekktor" poster="intro.png" title="this is projekktor" width="640" height="360" controls>

<script type="text/javascript">
$(document).ready(function() {
    projekktor('#player_a', {
        controls: true, 
        volume: 0.8,
        setitem : 1,
        playerFlashMP4: 'http://localhost/examples/video_players/projekktor/swf/StrobeMediaPlayback/StrobeMediaPlayback.swf',
        playlist: [
              0:{src:'http://localhost/examples/video_players/projekktor/sample_videos/HowtoPostaReviewonZillow.mp4', type: 'video/mp4'},
              1:{src:'http://localhost/examples/video_players/projekktor/sample_videos/HowtoPostaReviewonZillow.webm', type: 'video/webm'},
              2:{src:'http://localhost/examples/video_players/projekktor/sample_videos/HowtoPostaReviewonZillow.ogg', type: 'video/ogv'},
              config: {
                 //disablePause: true,
                // disallowSkip: true,
                 start: 85.63 //To set buffered time

              0:{src:'http://localhost/examples/video_players/projekktor/sample_videos/Big_Buck_Bunny_Trailer.mp4', type: 'video/mp4'},
              1:{src:'http://localhost/examples/video_players/projekktor/sample_videos/Big_Buck_Bunny_Trailer.webm', type: 'video/webm'},
              2:{src:'http://localhost/examples/video_players/projekktor/sample_videos/Big_Buck_Bunny_Trailer.ogv', type: 'video/ogv'},
              config: {
                 //disablePause: true,
                 //disallowSkip: true,
                 start: 15
        continuous : false,



Sameer K

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