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I have a case class composition that looks like below:

case class TypeA(id: Int, text: String, typeBList: List[TypeB])
case class TypeB(id: Int, text: String)

I use MongoDB for persisting the data and the resulting JSON document looks like:

TypeA {
  id: 101,
  text: "This is of type A",
  typeBList: [
    {id: 1001, text: "First TypeB text"},
    {id: 1002, text: "Second TypeB text"}

How can I represent my SalatDAO that would help me use it's API and box the results of the find operation to the respective types? Is it automagically done or should I use some annotations?

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Salat author here. If TypeB is actually a type hierarchy, you need to annotate it with @Salat - otherwise, you don't need to do anything special.

If you need help, feel free to make a small sample project on Github and I will be happy to fork and fix it so you can have a working example.

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