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I'm sure this is a simple one but I haven't been able to find the answer online, even after much Googling.

I have Git installed on my machine, for which I followed the tutorial on the Github site. Following this made my machine master. Now, I need to work on a different branch. So I created a new branch on the site. Problem: this new branch isn't showing up in the Bash window, and when I try to switch to it, it isn't recognized. A coworker created his branch and it isn't on my machine either.

How can I synchronize the list of branches on the site with my machine?


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2 Answers

to get other's branch repositories on your local system, make a directory of their name on your system and inside it do

$git init 
$git clone <git repo url>

you can find the repo url in the github site.

for clarifying your basic git concepts follow this site:


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Got it actually, I just needed to do

$git fetch --all

and then I could switch to it fine.

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