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I have a requirement to set more than one header while testing REST calls using Fitnesse Client.

Tried with

|setHeader|!-myheader1 : value1-!!-myheader2:value2-!|

|setHeader|!-myheader1 : value1-!\n\r!-myheader2:value2-!|

|setHeader|!-myheader1 : value1\n\rmyheader2:value2-!|

All of these are not working..

References used :



Could anyone please tell me the correct way to pass two headers in fitnesse client ?

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RestFixture supports the ability to set multiple headers, one per line, as following:

| setHeaders | !- name1 : value 1
name2 : value2 -! |
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Thanks for the feedback. I have now rewritten the answer –  smartrics Feb 2 at 23:43

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