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I follow this step ejabberd offical document for clustering.After entering this command in running ejabberd directory

root@slave:/home/xxx/Desktop/ejabberd-2.1.13/src# erl -sname ejabberd \ -mnesia dir '"/var/lib/ejabberd/"' \ -mnesia extra_db_nodes "['ejabberd@master.']" \ -s mnesia
then mnesia:info()

its shows terminal like this
===> System info in version {mnesia_not_loaded,nonode@nohost,{1387,355144,32779}}, debug level = none ==opt_disc.Directory "/home/hari/Desktop/ejabberd-2.1.13/src/Mnesia.nonode@nohost" is NOT used.use fallback at restart = false running db nodes = [] stopped db nodes = [nonode@nohost] ok

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can anyone suggest me correct ejabberd clustering setup steps or website i spent one week for ejabberd clustering in all the material s are same nothing special for this topic can any give the clustering steps for ejabberd server – Hari Haran Dec 18 '13 at 9:55
You are not providing enough detail in your questions. Please provide more details on what you've done, more detail on what happens, and improve the formatting of your error messages. – Nathaniel Waisbrot Dec 19 '13 at 14:56
sir give me your mail id i will send the details – Hari Haran Dec 19 '13 at 18:52

Since ejabberd 15.03, ejabberd clustering has been considerably simplified, with a simple "join_cluster" command. There is no need anymore to type manual Mnesia commands.

It is explained on ejabberd Documentation site: ejabberd clustering

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