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I'm trying to create 20 images programmatically by drawing a number (0 - 9) into an image (NSImage) and split this image into two half's (upper and lower). The code looks like this:

    for(int i = 0; i < 10; i++)
    NSSize sizeComplete = NSMakeSize(_digitWidth, _digitHeight);
    NSSize sizeHalf = NSMakeSize(sizeComplete.width, sizeComplete.height / 2);
    NSImage *imgComplete = [[NSImage alloc] initWithSize:sizeComplete];

    // The string representation of the current digit
    NSString *digit = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"%d", i];

    // We draw it (the whole digit) into the image
    [imgComplete lockFocus];
    [digit drawAtPoint:NSZeroPoint withAttributes:nil];
    [imgComplete unlockFocus];

    // Create two images (each represents the upper or the lower half of the whole image)
    NSImage *imgUpper = [[NSImage alloc] initWithSize:sizeHalf];
    NSImage *imgLower = [[NSImage alloc] initWithSize:sizeHalf];

    // Specify the rectangles for the image halfs
    NSRect lowerHalf = NSMakeRect(0, 0, sizeHalf.width, sizeHalf.height);
    NSRect upperHalf = NSMakeRect(0, sizeHalf.height, sizeHalf.width, sizeHalf.height);

    // Now we copy the halfs of the original (complete) image to the two half images
    [imgUpper lockFocus];
    [imgComplete drawAtPoint:NSZeroPoint fromRect:upperHalf operation:NSCompositeCopy fraction:1.0];
    [imgUpper unlockFocus];

    NSPoint point = NSMakePoint(0, sizeHalf.height);
    [imgLower lockFocus];
    [imgLower drawAtPoint:point fromRect:lowerHalf operation:NSCompositeCopy fraction:1.0];
    [imgLower unlockFocus];

    // Test: save the images to check results
    NSData *dataUpper = [imgUpper TIFFRepresentation];
    NSData *dataLower = [imgLower TIFFRepresentation];
    NSData *dataComplete = [imgComplete TIFFRepresentation];
    NSString *filenameUpper = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"/Users/Alex/Desktop/X/%d_upper.png", i];
    NSString *filenameLower = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"/Users/Alex/Desktop/X/%d_lower.png", i];
    NSString *filenameComplete = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"/Users/Alex/Desktop/X/%d_complete.png", i];
    [dataUpper writeToFile:filenameUpper atomically:YES];
    [dataLower writeToFile:filenameLower atomically:YES];
    [dataComplete writeToFile:filenameComplete atomically:YES];

Drawing the single digit works fine (also the dump into the file) but the call of drawAtPoint: seems to result in an empty image, though the coordinates of the rectangles seem to be correct (but I think they are not).

Each (complete) digit has a size of about 86 x 206 so the half's will be 86 x 103. I think there's an error somewhere within the calculation of the rectangles to pick from the original image, but I don't find it.

Does anyone see it?

Many thanks in advance.


Edit: I found my mistake: I used the wrong point where the drawing should start (also used the wrong image as source):

[imgLower drawAtPoint:point fromRect:lowerHalf operation:NSCompositeCopy fraction:1.0];

switched to:

[imgComplete drawAtPoint:NSZeroPoint fromRect:lowerHalf operation:NSCompositeSourceOver fraction:1.0];

now works. Another problem was the font size. It was just too small to cover any pixels in the upper area.

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