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I'm trying out the Hot Towel (Breeze) template for a new website (using AngularJS, Breeze 1.4.7, EF 6, WebApi2, breeze.angular.js) and have set it all up with NuGet. I have been able to query data, as long as I turn off server metadata on the data service:

var dataService = new breeze.dataService({
    serviceId: "breeze/job",
     hasServerMetadata: false

But when I try to make use of server metadata, I get the following error ('Job' is the entity type, and 'Models' is the namespace):

[HT Error] Unable to get property Job:#Models' of undefined or null reference

I can hit the service URL for the metadata in Fiddler and see it ('~/breeze/job/metdata'). I can successfully call other queries that do not return an entity or IQueryable (e.g. that just return a count of entities). The $q promise is hitting the success callback, but the results are undefined.

The JobController:

public class JobController : ApiController
    readonly EFContextProvider<JobContext> cp = new EFContextProvider<JobContext>();

    public IQueryable<Job> GetJobs()
            return cp.Context.Jobs;
    // ...

If I put a breakpoint on the line cp.Context.Jobs, the Results View in the debugger tooltip over Jobs says Children could not be evaluated.

Thanks for any answers/pointers... (if any more info's needed, let me know. I'm not really sure what's relevant to the problem.)

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