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Im pretty new to SSL, however in making an SSL request, how would i prevent the "handshake" happening each time i call an HTTPS url in Android. Is it possible to just store the SSL session?

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How are you making your requests? Are you seeing separate handshakes for every new request to a particular host and how frequently?

I would think that the underlying security libraries on Android, much like Sun's JSSE, would automatically cache the TLS session ID when you're working with a particular host.

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Android webview doesn't seem to cache the session ID. And as a result there's a new handshake everytime. But strangely requests made in intervals less than ~5s seems to work without handshake. Any idea? –  Enigma Jun 30 '12 at 4:15
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HttpClient does it automatically if it's set up properly, just make sure to reuse your HttpClient object.

My code here works:

Reusing SSL Sessions in Android with HttpClient

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