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I've installed Ansible on Ubuntu and running:

 ansible testserver -m linode  -a 'state=stopped'

gives the error:

testserver | FAILED >> {
    "failed": true,
    "msg": "linode-python required for this module"

I installed linode-python successfully with pp install linode-python and I can run import linode in Python. So how can I get this module working?

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Just to be sure : you have to install linode-python on the distant machine, not on the host.

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I did come across that issue with linode-mySqlDb required for this module error, when I realised it wants mySQL to be installed on the remote machine. In this case, I realised it needs to be run as a local action. (See my answer.) –  mahemoff Dec 18 '13 at 13:32
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Actually I realised this should be a local action, because we're not actually trying to run a command on the remote server. Which means I have to run this against localhost. So first I had to ensure I could ssh into localhost:

cd ~/.ssh; cat id_rsa.pub >> authorized_keys

Then I changed the machine to localhost:

ansible localhost -m linode  -a 'state=stopped ...'

I'm still having some issues with that, but it seems to be running the module now.

Blogged it.

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You actually should not need to ssh in to your localhost. You can use a local connection to run modules directly on the host: docs.ansible.com/playbooks_delegation.html#local-playbooks –  bismark Jan 14 at 1:04

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