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I need some help with increases value / 1 per second.

I have

function incrementValue()
var value = parseInt(document.getElementById('number').value, 10);
value = isNaN(value) ? 0 : value;
document.getElementById('number').value = value;
return false;

Now I need a function that will increase the value of 'number' and start adding +1 every second until I click on another image.

The only thing I am capable of making is:

function incrementvale()
var incrementTime = 1;
var incrementBy = 1;
private var counter = 0;

function Start () {
InvokeRepeating("Increment", incrementTime, incrementTime);

function Increment () {
counter += incrementBy;

Which is horribly wrong! Question!

When I click on image.

Function starts.

The function increases the value of 'number' by 1 every second.


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This isn't PHP... –  ɴ ᴀ ᴛ ʜ Dec 18 '13 at 9:42

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If you really want to increase a value exactly after 1 second I would suggest you save the start time (Unix time stamp e.g. seconds since 1/1/1970). And if you want to know the value of your increasing variable just subtract from start value.

Because you mentioned PHP and showed us JS Code I keep it in Pseudo-Code

function getUnixTimeStampNow() {
    return Math.round((new Date()).getTime() / 1000);

var start = getUnixTimeStampNow();

// at any time do

var current_value = getUnixTimeStampNow() - start;
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