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I would like to compute the actual size of an Element using getBoundingClientRect(). If the Element is inside a container with a given size and overflow:scroll, than result of that method differs.


How can I always get the total size of the element, no matter if inside a »overflow:scroll« context or not?

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The height is always returned correctly, so i believe its the width that you are concerned about. In that case also, your fiddle is giving you the right size of the element. Here's how -

Remember the rule - The width of the element unless specified will be 100% of the parent.

With the "default overflow" setting you are not setting the width of the parent wrapper and hence according to the rule it takes the 100% width of the parent which going up the chain will be the window width.

With "overflow hidden" and "scroll" you are adding a class "small" to wrapper div which has fixed height and width of 200px. So again applying the rule its width will be 100% of the parent which now is 200px.

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Thanks very much for that answer, it explains the why, I haven't known this! – philipp Jan 19 '14 at 8:35
No problem..glad you found it helpful!! – agaase Jan 19 '14 at 13:34

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