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I populate a sorted ListBox (lbCustomer) via datasource which is a BindingList. The BindingList contains Items (customer) with a bunch of properties. DisplayMember is property "name" and ValueMember is property "id". Now, when clicking an Item, I see in the ClickEvent my lbCustomer is the correct Item, but the SelectedValue is wrong. In fact lbCustomer.SelectedValue returns the id as if there was no sorting, so if I select the first item in my ListBox, it returns the actual first (not sorted) from my DataSource-BindingList. Is this the usual outcome? I thought using DisplayMember and ValueMember is to prevent this behavior. How might i prevent this (without the need to sort my BindingList in the begining)?

Here is my code for connecting my list- and combo-Boxes with the DataSource:

private void SelectCorrectBox(bool dependence)
    ChangeItems(lbCustomer, null, Entity.DataSource.LbCustomer.CustomerSource, false);

        ChangeItems(null, cbCustomer, Entity.DataSource.LbCustomer.CustomerSource, false);
    ChangeItems(lbProdukt, null, Entity.DataSource.LbProdukt.ProduktSource, false);
    ChangeItems(null, cbProdukt, Entity.DataSource.LbProdukt.ProduktSource, false);

        ChangeItems(lbVersion, null, Entity.DataSource.LbVersion.VersionSource, false);

    ChangeItems(lbKategorie, null, Entity.DataSource.LbKategorie.KategorieSource, false);
    ChangeItems(lbFehler, null, Entity.DataSource.LbFehler.FehlerSource, true);

private void ChangeItems(ListBox lb, ComboBox cb, object source, bool fehler)
    if (cb == null)
        lb.DataSource = source;

        if (!fehler)
            lb.DisplayMember = "name";
            lb.DisplayMember = "titel";

        lb.ValueMember = "id";
        lb.SelectedIndex = -1;
    else if (cb != null)
        cb.DataSource = source;
        cb.DisplayMember = "name";
        cb.ValueMember = "id";
        cb.SelectedIndex = -1;


The solution was using SelectedItem instead of SelectedValue:


private void lbCustomer_SelectedValueChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
    EventStarter(lbCustomer.SelectedValue, "customer");


private void lbCustomer_SelectedValueChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
    EventStarter(((Entity.Customer)lbCustomer.SelectedItem).id, "customer");
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