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I have a complicated system of folders and I need to share 2nd and 3rd level folders with certain groups of users while maintaining the full path to the folder.

Is this possible? I tried but without success as if I share a folder eg. Project 1->Administration with the "Group Administration" on the client I only see the Administration folder and I need, instead, to replicate the entire structure.

Thanks for the support

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With the current ownCloud sharing implementation this is simply not possible. Every shared item appears directly in the "Shared" folder of the user the file/folder is shared with.

You could report a feature request for it here: https://github.com/owncloud/core/issues/

However, this doesn't seem to me at least like a too common use case, so you might be out of luck that somebody implements it for you. Also, I would think as how exactly the specification should look like - would you like to include all parent folders up to the root, or only a specifiable number? In general, forcing a folder structure other than the actually shared folders/files onto a user seems quite restrictive to me. A better approach to me would be to allow users to reorganize shared files & folders to appear wherever in their folder structure they see fit. But if I'd have to guess this requirement is coming from a corporation environment, where some things simply are to be enforced a certain way because somebody up high thinks it's a good idea?

As far as I know, contributions are also always welcome, if you want to look into this yourself.

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