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I'm writing the input section for an assignment, if a command line input is one it's supposed to take keyboard input - one of these inputs isn't working.

this is the code segment that I'm having issues with. if the line scanf("%lf %lf", &r1, &r2); is left alone it gives a segmentation fault - if it's changed to write to another variable then everything works. I'm struggling to see why it is that variable that's causing problems, it's literally pasted from the line above, I changed four characters from k to r and the two variables are declared in the same line!! please help asap, there's not a lot I can do until I can fix this issue. I've tried changing the variable names to l1 and l2, but I couldn't think of anything else to do when the dysfunctional line is so similar to functional lines

    double  time[10000], x1[10000], x2[10000], v1[10000], v2[10000];
double  m1, m2, k1, k2, r1, r2, w1, w2;
int     count, inmethod;

time[0] = 0;
x1[0] = 0;  x2[0] = 10;
v1[0] = 0;  v2[0] = 0;
m1 = 5;     m2 = 5;
k1 = 5;     k2 = 5;
r1 = 5;     r2 = 10;
w1 = 0;     w2 = 0;

sscanf(argv[1], "%d", &inmethod);
//  printf("%d \n", inmethod);

if((argc == 2) && ((inmethod == 1) || (inmethod == 0)))

    printf("enter 1 for file input or 0 to enter input via the keyboard. you will be able to save your input for future use.\n");

if(inmethod == 1)
    printf("system properties: \n");

    printf("please enter m1 then m2, seperated by a space and followed by enter\n");
    scanf("%lf %lf", &m1, &m2);

    printf("please enter k1 then k2, seperated by a space and followed by enter \n");
    scanf("%lf %lf", &k1, &k2);

    printf("please enter r1 then r2, seperated by a space and followed by enter \n");
    scanf("%lf %lf", &r1, &r2);

    printf("please enter w1 then w2, seperated by a space and followed by enter \n");
    scanf("%lf %lf", &w1, &w2);

    printf("initial conditions: \n");

    printf("please enter x1[0] then x2[0], seperated by a space and followed by enter \n");
    scanf("%lf %lf", &x1[0], &x2[0]);

    printf("please enter v1[0] then v2[0], seperated by a space and followed by enter \n");
    scanf("%lf %lf", &v1[0], &v2[0]);

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If you want to convert a string you have to a number, like you do with argv[1], then you might want to use strtol instead. You might also want to check argc before doing it. –  Joachim Pileborg Dec 18 '13 at 12:14
Works for me. All inputs are doubles, except the first parameter. Are you mixing . and , when typing floating point numbers? –  nmenezes Dec 18 '13 at 12:27
For those cases then scanf is probably the best bet (though there is of course strtod). I meant that sscanf when you convert argv[1] to an integer might not be the best. –  Joachim Pileborg Dec 18 '13 at 12:27
It compiles fine when I copy & paste your code to my machine... just added a main to run. Can you show examples of your input? –  nmenezes Dec 18 '13 at 12:30
Spelling hint: There's A RAT in SEPARATE. And not checking the return value of scanf is asking for disaster. –  Jens Dec 18 '13 at 13:04

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your code looks ok. It compiles for me and works fine.

Please check your input values. scanf is really weak for input validation, you need to check the function return and get ready for the worse. If you need to accept keyboard input like this, try to use gnu readline or a library with a better input function.

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