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I've opened Aptana Studio 3 (Ubuntu 10.04) just like I did it hundreds times before (last time was yesterday). But this time I see EMPTY workspace. No projects. No error messages. Nothing. Screen attached.

I have not changed anything since the last time I used Aptana Studio (yesterday). I have not switched workspace or nothing like this. I've always had one workspace. I'm also using pydev extention - all my projects are python/django if that matters.

It happened to me AGAIN, but last time it happened on my laptopt where I wanted to format disk and re-install the system anyway so I ignored it and simply re-installed everything. Now it happened on my PC where I have a lot of important projects.

BTW, all my projects were not in default location (ie. workspace folder). I added them from other locations and workspace folder was actually empty. I don't know if this might have something to do with the issue.

Any ideas how to quickly fix this?

Aptana Studio 3 Destroyed My Workspace

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Run Aptana from the command line and put the output in the post. – Ramchandra Apte Dec 18 '13 at 13:12
File > Import... > Existing Projects into Workspace – Sarah Kemp Dec 18 '13 at 16:53

I had this problem and after freaking out I looked around and found

File -> Switch Workspace

and choosing my workspace loaded everything as normal.

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I solved the problem by manually adding the projects back to workspace. Wasn't that bad. I still don't know why they disappeared.

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Anyone can do that. But is it a proper solution if everything disappears again and you have myriads of projects? – Helga Iliashenko Apr 12 at 9:31

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