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I try to generate a html view from the Model in my MVC 4 application, the Model is a list of elements and i want to generate form every element a list item on my view with the following format:

<div class="-index-toplevelMenuItems -t-index-toplevelMenuItems">
     <img src="@Url.Content("~/Images/bullet.png")"/>
         <h6>Model.Date </h6>  
  • How can i build up my view and how do i open my model from JavaScript to insert the data in the above format? Is it better to build the
    view with the Razor syntax accessing the model?

  • In which cases is advised to use the above mentioned two methods if it is possible?

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This solved my problem, you can use vb.net code to do things like this, just use the @ sign before it

@For Each oldRequest In Model.OldestRequests
    @<div class="-index-reminderItems" id="@oldRequest.RequestId">   
        <img src="@Url.Content("~/Images/bullet.png")" />
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