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Last month, GWT released version 2.6 with the following changes to code splitting:

  1. Fragment merging is more reliable, works with soyc reports
  2. GWT.runAsync: passing the same class is allowed, puts the code in the same fragment
  3. GWT.runAsync always runs asynchronously; before it would sometimes be synchronous. (This behavior can be reverted by inheriting SynchronousFragmentLoadCallback.gwt.xml)
  4. The compiler.splitpoint.leftovermerge.size configuration property sets a minimum size for fragments

Can someone add extra information, details, code examples for each point ? For example: What does "passing the same class" actually means ? What was the behavior in 2.5 and how it's in 2.6 (point 2)? Or: Does runAsync run code asynchronously even in DevMode (point 3)?

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