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I am new to perl.

I have few hundreds of file IND1234-238772-20111010103010.DAT and similar format Now, I want to rename all files to new format:


like: addsome_ext<old_extension>.mbin

Any help would be appreciated

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Have you tried using the rename command? man rename –  TLP Dec 18 '13 at 14:05

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perl -e 'rename $_, "PRE_$_" for <*>'

with PRE_ being your prefix.

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If you're on a Unix-ish OS, and have the rename utility that comes with perl installed, you can just do:

rename 's/^(.*)\.DAT$/ABC.SOME_STUFF_$1.mbin/s' *.DAT

Alternatively, you can do this easily enough with pure Perl:

foreach my $old (<*.DAT>) {
    my $new = $old;

    $new =~ s/^(.*)\.DAT$/ABC.SOME_STUFF_$1.mbin/s or next;

    if (-e $new) {
        warn "Not renaming $old to $new, target file exists!\n";
    rename $old, $new or warn "Error renaming $old to $new: $!\n"

Ps. The code above works if you run it in the directory containing the files. If you want to run it from some other directory, you can either put an explicit

chdir 'C:/Mydir/testdir' or die "Could not change to target directory: $!\n";

in front of it, or change the glob to <C:/Mydir/testdir/*.DAT> and the regexp replacement to s/^(.*[\\\/])(.*)\.DAT$/$1ABC.SOME_STUFF_$2.mbin/s.

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I want to search in a particluar directory say C:\Mydir\testdir\ and try to search all the file whose extension is .dat file then try to prefix name in the already file name. –  user3115515 Dec 19 '13 at 8:27

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