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Will I get the advantage of the new Strongly Typed Html Helpers with asp.net MVC 2 if were to use the spark engine for rendering?

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You can use any HtmlHelper that ship with the MVC framework in Spark view engine.

${Html.TextBoxFor(p => p.Name)}
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Spark version 1 did not support strongly typed helpers. But if you want to use mvc2, you got to use newest build of Spark anyway. –  Arnis L. Jan 15 '10 at 10:04

Spark view page base class doesn't have public property Html with HtmlHelper type but u can add it yourself.

Add <var Html="new HtmlHelper<YourModel>(base.ViewContext, this)"/> on your spark view and after that u can use ${ Html.LabelFor(model => model.UserName)} as well as ${Html.Label("some label")}.

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Whenever you are confused about it, you can't definitely know how to do, you still use aspx-like expression - <%statement%> :) Inline code in Spark supports #statement variation too.

Source: Spark expressions

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