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I have this file:

 206  06:06:00.00   X               "Регион -2.00"                   00:02:00.00                    
 282  06:50:00.00   X               "Регион -1.00"                   00:01:00.00                    
 353  07:27:00.00   X               "Регион -1.00"                   00:01:00.00                    
 435  08:20:00.00   X               "Регион -1.00"                   00:01:00.00                    
 482  08:39:00.00   X               "Регион -1.00"                   00:01:00.00                    
 521  09:16:00.00   X               "Регион -1.00"                   00:01:00.00                    
 667  10:42:00.00   X               "Регион -2.00"                   00:02:00.00                    
 896  12:54:00.00   X               "Регион -1.30"                   00:01:30.00                    
1003  13:57:00.00   X               "Регион -1.30"                   00:01:30.00                    
1154  15:29:00.00   X               "Регион -2.00"                   00:02:00.00                    
1272  16:23:00.00   X               "Регион -1.00"                   00:01:00.00                    
1309  16:57:00.00   X               "Регион -1.30"                   00:01:30.00                    
1401  17:49:00.00   X               "Регион -2.00"                   00:02:00.00                    
1434  18:07:00.00   X               "Регион -2.00"                   00:02:00.00                    
1514  18:43:00.00   X               "Регион -2.00"                   00:02:00.00                    
1581  19:19:00.00   X               "Регион -1.30"                   00:01:30.00                    
1846  21:52:00.00   X               "Регион -1.30"                   00:01:30.00                    
1918  22:26:00.00   X               "Регион -1.00"                   00:01:00.00                    
1963  22:46:00.00   X               "Регион -1.00"                   00:01:00.00    

There are spaces before non 4 digit numbers, e.g. first line "206" actually starts like " 206"

I need to get rid of the first column, so I need to only have

06:06:00.00 X "Регион -2.00" 00:02:00.00

for the first line, and so on.

I tried few thing with Ctrl+H and regexp, but I always seem to just delete the whole line.

If you have other solutions rather than Notepad++ in mind, they would also do. The reason I chose Notepad++ was that this is not an original file, and its been through some formatting (Delete all lines not containing "Регион -"), so it it would be easier if all can be done in 1 place.

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Use Alt+Shift+navigation keys, or Alt+Shift+click to do a block select of just that column. Then simply press Del.

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This can be interesting with a macro. – Casimir et Hippolyte Dec 18 '13 at 14:23

try this regex replacement in notepad++:

search: ^\s*[0-9]+\s+
replace: nothing

If you want to delete all lines that doesn't contain 'Регион -' at the same time, you can change the pattern to:

search: ^(?!.*Регион -).*\r?\n?|^\s*[0-9]+\s+
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This answer will both remove the first column, and remove lines that do not contain your search string.

Remove column number one first

   Find what:      ^[ 0-9]+\s+(.*)
   Replace with: \1

Remove lines not containing your desired string next. That's a bit tough because the regex engine used by Notepad++ doesn't allow for the not operator so the (?!...) option doesn't work. Instead you have to do it in multiple steps.

Step 1 - Add a prefix to lines that contain what you want to keep

   Find what:      (.*KeepLinesWithThisString.*)
   Replace with: ZZZ\1

Step 2 - Remove lines that don't start with that prefix.

We know that the strings without the prefix will start with a number or a space, so this will blank those lines

   Find what:      ^[ 0-9]+\s+(.*)
   Replace with: (nothing / leave blank)

Step 3 - Remove the prefix

   Find what:      ^ZZZ(.*)
   Replace with: \1

Step 4 - Remove the blank lines

   Highlight all the text of the document. ctrl+a or Edit > Select All
   TextFX > TextFX Edit > Delete Blank Lines
   TextFX > TextFX Edit > Delete Surplus Blank Lines

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Here is a way to go:

search what: ^.{5}
replace with: 'nothing'
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this won't work on the first ones will it? They only have three digits in the initial number. – Darren Crabb Dec 18 '13 at 14:14
@DarrenCrabb This will only work on the first one. .{5} matches 5 of any character (except newlines), but ^ only matches the very beginning of the input (unless multi-line mode is enabled). – The Guy with The Hat Dec 18 '13 at 14:23
Yes, but I thought the {5} meant it had to be five characters .... the first set of lines have only four characters to be replaced not 5. – Darren Crabb Dec 18 '13 at 14:26
@DarrenCrabb Spaces count as characters – The Guy with The Hat Dec 18 '13 at 14:46
Apologies ... I hadn't spotted the spaces before the first digits. – Darren Crabb Dec 18 '13 at 14:49

Try searching for this:

"^[ 0-9]{6}"

(without the quotes)

and replace that with this:


(without the quotes)

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Delete the first column in Notepad++:

  1. For selcect the column that you want to remove : Alt+Drag
  2. For cut : Alt+X

In this way, you can delete any column or multiple number of columns at a time.

Reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1p7rMCGt_30&hd=1

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