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I have a C# WPF application that uses WMI to monitor certain other processes. I am using the following code which I found from


to get an event delivered to my GUI when the process comes up/ goes down.

namespace WMI.Win32
    public delegate void ProcessEventHandler(Win32_Process proc);
    public class ProcessWatcher : ManagementEventWatcher
        // Process Events
        public event ProcessEventHandler ProcessCreated;
        public event ProcessEventHandler ProcessDeleted;
        public event ProcessEventHandler ProcessModified;

        // WMI WQL process query strings
        static readonly string WMI_OPER_EVENT_QUERY = @"SELECT * FROM 
__InstanceOperationEvent WITHIN 1 WHERE TargetInstance ISA 'Win32_Process'";
        static readonly string WMI_OPER_EVENT_QUERY_WITH_PROC =
            WMI_OPER_EVENT_QUERY + " and TargetInstance.Name = '{0}'";

        public ProcessWatcher()
        public ProcessWatcher(string processName)
        private void Init(string processName)
            this.Query.QueryLanguage = "WQL";
            if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(processName))
                this.Query.QueryString = WMI_OPER_EVENT_QUERY;
                this.Query.QueryString =
                    string.Format(WMI_OPER_EVENT_QUERY_WITH_PROC, processName);

            this.EventArrived += new EventArrivedEventHandler(watcher_EventArrived);
        private void watcher_EventArrived(object sender, EventArrivedEventArgs e)
            string eventType = e.NewEvent.ClassPath.ClassName;
            Win32_Process proc = new 
                Win32_Process(e.NewEvent["TargetInstance"] as ManagementBaseObject);

            switch (eventType)
                case "__InstanceCreationEvent":
                    if (ProcessCreated != null) ProcessCreated(proc); break;
                case "__InstanceDeletionEvent":
                    if (ProcessDeleted != null) ProcessDeleted(proc); break;
                case "__InstanceModificationEvent":
                    if (ProcessModified != null) ProcessModified(proc); break;

    // Auto-Generated running: mgmtclassgen Win32_Process /n root\cimv2 /o WMI.Win32
    // Renaming the class from Process to Win32_Process
    public class Win32_Process { ... }

I use the events from this ProcessWatcher class in my WPF GUI to perform some processing when a process of interest comes up or goes down. The code in the GUI looks like

watch = new ProcessWatcher(Path);
watch.ProcessCreated += new ProcessEventHandler(procWatcher_ProcessCreated);
watch.ProcessDeleted += new ProcessEventHandler(procWatcher_ProcessDeleted);

Recently during some testing I found that I am missing events sometimes, which causes the associated processing to not happen. Why is this happening? How can I ensure that events are not missed in the GUI? (Due to some reasons I cant go for a permanent event consumer)

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