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I have a dev express grid dbtableview where I defined a column as maskedit. On InitEdit I populate the LookItems list for a specific record (item).

The question is if I can restrict the user to introduce only the values that match the LookItems for the specific record, instead of changing the whole column property to LookUpComboBox ?

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You will need a component called cxEditRepository, add LookupComboBox to Repository on your cxDBColumn use the event OnGetProperties

In this example, my column is called 'text'

procedure TForm2.cxGrid1DBTableView1TextGetProperties(
  Sender: TcxCustomGridTableItem; ARecord: TcxCustomGridRecord;
  var AProperties: TcxCustomEditProperties);
  if ARecord.Values[cxGrid1DBTableView1Text.Index] = 'value2' then
    AProperties:= cxEditRepository1LookupComboBoxItem1.Properties;

I hope this has helped

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