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can anyone help me how to use ajax pagination in cakephp with search option.i.e after hit the search button data loads which are similar to the entered data . i want to do it in cakephp. i'm using current version of it.

Thanks in advance.

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first of all it is pretty similar to the core PHP with Ajax pagination. In controller:

var $components = array('RequestHandler'); //load Requesthandler for ajax
function view_data(){

     $this->RequestHandler->isAjax(){  // checking for ajax request 
        // code goes here
        $start = $_POST['start'] ;
        $limit = $_POST['limit'] ;
        // with conditions also . and the execute query
        $table_data = $this->Model->query("SELECT * FROM books limit " . $start. ", ". $limit) ; 
       // OR any method you want like $this->Model->find('list', 'any'....)
       $total_count = $this->Model->find('count', "$your_query") ;
       echo json_encode(array( $table_data, $total_count) ; // you can also loop the data ..

Now in view receive the data and loop through it. Also look at Here for pagination div styling.

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