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I can't seem to find why there are still some -1's left in the output. What should I implement to make it occupy all the spaces. I double checked the flow but I think the problem is when I call the function in main with position (0,0). But wouldn't the recursive function itself find an alternate solution if there is no solution on the position (0,0) Help appreciated.

#define N 8

int xMove[8] = {1,1,-1,-1,2,2,-2,-2};
int yMove[8] = {2,-2,2,-2,1,-1,1,-1};

int isSafe(int x, int y, int board[N][N])
     if(x >= 0 && x < N && y >= 0 && y < N && board[x][y] == -1)
         return 1;
         return 0;

int SolveKT(int x, int y, int imove, int board[N][N])
    int next_x, next_y, i;

    if(imove == N * N)
        return 1;

    for(i = 0;i < N; i++)
        next_x = x+xMove[i];
        next_y = y+yMove[i];


                 return 1;
        }//close if
    }//close for

    return 0;
}//close SolveKT

int main()
    int i,j,res,cboard[N][N]={[0 ... N-1][0 ... N-1]=-1};
    res = SolveKT(0,0,0,cboard);

                printf("%d ",cboard[i][j]);

    return 0;
}//close main
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What is this: [0 ... N-1][0 ... N-1]=-1? Is that C? – Fiddling Bits Dec 18 '13 at 17:16
I think the OP just used it to make the initialization more clear to SO users. IMO memset() would be more appropriate.... – fvdalcin Dec 18 '13 at 17:25
It is a fairly heavy processing. – BLUEPIXY Dec 18 '13 at 17:46
Probably should be if(SolveKT(next_x,next_y,1+imove,board)) – BLUEPIXY Dec 18 '13 at 17:53

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Instead of use ++imove, you should use imove+1, because you shouldn't change the variable imove in the function.

But, this algorithm is very very slow, you should rethink about it.

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