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I was puzzling through the Lift Cookbook for AJAX Forms, and I ran across the following object declaration:

object EchoForm extends {

This was confusing, so I tried it out, and it compiled fine. My Eclipse IDE doesn't seem to indicate that any additional features were inherited, but I suppose I don't trust keywords that are just 'hanging out'. Does this 'naked' extends do anything, or is it parsed as 'extends nothing in particular'?

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This just came up on the ML:


followed by an itchy finger to deprecate the syntax:


Here is the link to the syntax:


Basically, object Foo { } is the same as object Foo extends { }.

Footnote: the snippet in question is withless:

object EchoForm extends {
  def render = {
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It's not an early object initialization section! See this answer.

There should be Parent for early object initialization, but in code sample from the book there is no parents:

object EchoForm extends {
  def render = {
} // no parents here!

Old answer (before @som-snytt mentioned it's wrong):

It's It could be (with parents) an early object initialization section. Take a look at this example:

trait Test {
  val i: Int
  val j = i + 1

Wrong creation of an instance:

object TestObj extends Test { val i = 1 }
// Int = 1

j is initialized before i, but j depends on i.

Correct creation:

object TestObj extends { val i = 1 } with Test
// 2

Early object initialization section allows initialize fields before all fields from inherited traits.

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Ah, brilliant! I didn't even think to think of the braces as being an element of initialization rather than the body of the object itself. #toomuchjavatoolittlefunctional –  Nathaniel Ford Dec 18 '13 at 19:15
Sorry, no, it's actually not early definition syntax. And so many upvotes, too. –  som-snytt Dec 19 '13 at 7:18
@som-snytt, epic fail... –  senia Dec 19 '13 at 7:39
@NathanielFord, please accept this answer. My answer is wrong. –  senia Dec 19 '13 at 7:40

Does this 'naked' extends do anything, or is it parsed as 'extends nothing in particular'?

It extends the 'inline' anonymous class immediately after the word extends:

object EchoForm extends <definition of anonymous class here - within brackets, optionally followed by `with` clauses for trait mixins>
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