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I am trying to create an android IME that intercepts a specific joystick device input and forwards it to a virtual device that I've created with uinput, following this tutorial.

The application seems to work propery with ABS_RX and ABS_RY (the right stick of my real joystick), but doesn't seem capable of forwarding ABS_X and ABS_Y input events.

This is how I set the device, enabling ABS events and the absparams for axis X,Y,Z,RX,RY,RZ.

if(ioctl(fd, UI_SET_EVBIT, EV_ABS)<0) return -10;

for(aux=0;aux < ABS_THROTTLE; aux++){
    if(ioctl(fd,UI_SET_ABSBIT,aux)<0) return -11;

And taking advantage of the new features in Android APIs (level 17+), I am overriding onGenericMotion in my InputMethodService to intercept and block the original stick events.

public boolean onGenericMotionEvent(MotionEvent event) {
    if (isFromMyDevice) {
        return true;
    return false;

With sendJoystickEvent method I'm sending EV_ABS for ABS_X, ABS_Y, ABS_RX and ABS_RY values, finally it sends a EV_SYN SYN_REPORT (sync input) event to the virtually created device.

For some reason it only detects the right stick input, so I did some debug prints ("adc joystick" is the real joystick, "AMAPPER-JS" the one created with uinput).

When moving the right stick:

12-18 19:35:35.158: I/InterceptedValues(4524): adc joystick(ABS_X=0, ABS_Y=0, ABS_RX=0, ABS_RY=329)
12-18 19:35:35.178: I/InterceptedValues(4524): adc joystick(ABS_X=0, ABS_Y=0, ABS_RX=0, ABS_RY=0)
12-18 19:35:35.178: D/ForwardedValues(4524): AMAPPER-JS(ABS_X=0, ABS_Y=0, ABS_RX=0, ABS_RY=329)
12-18 19:35:35.188: D/ForwardedValues(4524): AMAPPER-JS(ABS_X=0, ABS_Y=0, ABS_RX=0, ABS_RY=0)

When moving the left stick (no forwardedvalues):

12-18 19:36:28.638: I/InterceptedValues(4524): adc joystick(ABS_X=0, ABS_Y=499, ABS_RX=0, ABS_RY=0)
12-18 19:36:28.778: I/InterceptedValues(4524): adc joystick(ABS_X=0, ABS_Y=86, ABS_RX=0, ABS_RY=0)
12-18 19:36:28.788: I/InterceptedValues(4524): adc joystick(ABS_X=0, ABS_Y=38, ABS_RX=0, ABS_RY=0)

When moving both (X and Y are zero):

12-18 19:36:37.038: I/InterceptedValues(4524): adc joystick(ABS_X=0, ABS_Y=498, ABS_RX=0, ABS_RY=507)
12-18 19:36:37.038: D/ForwardedValues(4524): AMAPPER-JS(ABS_X=0, ABS_Y=0, ABS_RX=0, ABS_RY=507)

I am not so confident with these technologies, am I missing something? Why ABS_X and ABS_Y events are not forwarded?

UPDATE1: I tried to invert the axis (Send real right stick to virtual left stick and real left stick to virtual right stick) and even now the events are sent only for ABS_RX and ABS_RY, so the values arrive properly but ABS_X and ABS_Y are "locked" for some reason.

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Generally, mouse positions (uh, 'pointer' positions) are received via REL_X/REL_Y (relative) position updates. You'll have to convert your ABS joystick values to a relative motion indicator. –  lornix Jul 14 at 13:50
@lornix the problem is that absolute events are not forwarded (joystick), I don't want mouse events. –  Vektor88 Jul 15 at 13:33
It's very odd that your joystick values seem to be only (0,y) or (0,ry). Where's the X inputs from both your sticks? Are you confident that your sticks are working properly and reporting correctly? It looks like you're doing everything properly, can't see any issues. Why do you multiply by 512 in onGenericMotionEvent? This implies your joystick values are a float between -1.0 & 1.0, which you're scaling up. Are they -512=>512, or -1.0->1.0? –  lornix Jul 15 at 18:31

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