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I have a html page in which following function is written.

I have multiple forms with single textbox and button in each form. form names are different but Text box names are same through out all forms.

Now i need to call exact text box when particular form is clicked.

below is the java script. f_name represents form name.reject_reason is text box inside all forms.

<script language='javascript'>

function validate(f_name){
var reject_reason =document.f_name.reject_reason;

if ((reject_reason.value==null)||(reject_reason.value=="")){
alert('Enter Value');       
        return false;

Above function is not calling the exact the text box. It returns nothing.

Could anyone please help ?

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I think you meant to get the form with the name contained in f_name, not literally the form named "f_name":

var reject_reason =document.forms[f_name].reject_reason;
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Use the .next if the element is below, or .parent if element is above.
But, Send better informations please. Are you using jQuery?

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