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I'm getting a syntax error and invalid quantifier error in dreamweaver when I try to use a regexp in the source code. The purpose is to find spaces in front of numbers on table cells and delete them.


this expression works on notepad++ but not in dreamweaver.

Can this be a Dreamweaver bug or the syntax is wrong?

Of course I can make a text search looking for >\s and replace by > but then I cant catch more spaces than the ones specified in the search string

thanks in advance

PS: Would be nice also to have a multisearch option in the dreamweaver search screen, to run multiple search and replace in one operation, like code clean up. An extension maybe?

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Many tools don't support look arounds - are you sure dreamweaver is not one of them? –  Bohemian Dec 18 '13 at 19:45
Well reading this article and part 2. There is no mention of lookaround, so maybe dreamweaver really doesn't support it. Anyways, I hate dreamweaver. –  HamZa Dec 18 '13 at 19:49

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I don't use DW but, since I have read several posts about lookarounds problems with DW, I assume that DW doesn't support these regex features.

You can use capturing groups instead (if DW supports it!):

search :  (>)\s+(\d)
replace:  $1$2


replace: \1\2
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