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In my app I have a “Delete” button which should delete the downloaded file and in background I want to change status to NKIssueContentStatusNone from NKIssueContentStatusAvailable.

I know the property is read only. I would like to ask what function to call to change the status from NKIssueContentStatusAvailable to NKIssueContentStatusNone.


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-[NKLibrary removeIssue:] –  jonahb Dec 18 '13 at 22:34

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As jonahb said, use the NKLibrary method:

[NKLibrary removeIssue:issue] 
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This is what I do... I "reset" the issue like this:

-(NKIssue*) resetIssue:(NKIssue*)issue {
    NSString* issueName = [issue name];
    NSDate* issueDate = [issue date];
    NKLibrary * lib = [NKLibrary sharedLibrary];
    [lib removeIssue:issue];
    return [lib addIssueWithName:issueName date:issueDate];
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