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We have a powershell build script that calls out to other scripts that is giving me trouble under Windows 7 64 bit. It works fine under XP. I've run set-executionpolicy to RemoteSigned (and also tried it with Bypass and Unrestricted). I can pull the command line from the error message and run it myself and it all runs fine.

Build errors look terrible here; but I'm including them anyway for completeness.

Project "C:\dev7\Source\DashPortal\DashboardGenerator\DashboardGenerator.csproj" (2) is building "C:\dev7\Source\DashPo
rtal\DashboardController\DashboardController.csproj" (15) on node 0 (default targets).
  File C:\Users\pmckinney.NA\Documents\WindowsPowerShell\profile.ps1 cannot be lo
  aded because the execution of scripts is disabled on this system. Please see "g
  et-help about_signing" for more details.
  At line:1 char:2
  + . <<<<  'C:\Users\pmckinney.NA\Documents\WindowsPowerShell\profile.ps1'
      + CategoryInfo          : NotSpecified: (:) [], PSSecurityException
      + FullyQualifiedErrorId : RuntimeException

  File C:\dev7\Source\DashPortal\DashboardController\..\..\..\Build\createReportI
  nstallScript.ps1 cannot be loaded because the execution of scripts is disabled
  on this system. Please see "get-help about_signing" for more details.
  At line:1 char:87
  + C:\dev7\Source\DashPortal\DashboardController\..\..\..\Build\createReportInst
  allScript <<<<  -t C:\dev7\Source\DashPortal\DashboardController\..\..\..\Sourc
  e\DashPortal\DashboardReports\ReportSetupScriptTemplate.sql -l C:\dev7\Source\D
  tSetupReportList.xml -c C:\dev7\Source\DashPortal\DashboardController\..\..\..\
      + CategoryInfo          : NotSpecified: (:) [], PSSecurityException
      + FullyQualifiedErrorId : RuntimeException

C:\dev7\Source\DashPortal\DashboardController\DashboardController.csproj(265,5): error MSB3073: The command "powershell
 C:\dev7\Source\DashPortal\DashboardController\..\..\..\Build\createReportInstallScript -t C:\dev7\Source\DashPortal\Da
shboardController\..\..\..\Source\DashPortal\DashboardReports\ReportSetupScriptTemplate.sql -l C:\dev7\Source\DashPorta
l\DashboardController\..\..\..\Source\DashPortal\DashboardReports\ReportSetupReportList.xml -c C:\dev7\Source\DashPorta
l\DashboardController\..\..\..\Source\DashPortal\Config" exited with code 1.
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To maximise the use of a MSBuild script task, it might be worth getting a certificate to sign them with, this will avoid needing to enable non-signed scripts on every build system. – Richard Jan 15 '10 at 11:52
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Just guessing: You did run Set-ExecutionPolicy in your x64 PowerShell and the build runs the x86 PowerShell?

Maybe try Get-ExcutionPolicy in both shells.

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That's it exactly! Many thanks! – Pete McKinney Jan 14 '10 at 19:18
Glad i could help ... ran into x64/x86 issues myself a few times – Filburt Jan 14 '10 at 19:25

Edit: oops, I see you already enabled scripts. It's possibly something to do with the context under which MSBuild is running. Are you running MSBuild as a local service account of some kind?

Edit2: It's clear the error message is deceptive. There's something else going on and the execution policy error is being thrown but not for the expected reason. Perhaps as a way to isolate, try creating another MSBuild task that runs the same line but with shorter, hardcoded paths instead of the /../../../ bonanza above?

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I've got Set-ExecutionPolicy to RemoteSigned right now. I've also tried Unrestricted and Bypass with no luck. – Pete McKinney Jan 14 '10 at 19:09
Yeah my bad, edited answer. For the record I have no idea what's going on :) – Peter Seale Jan 14 '10 at 19:12
Actually, you were really close. See the answer from Filburt. – Pete McKinney Jan 14 '10 at 19:19

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