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I have been experimenting with using Amazon S3 for hosting static websites. Suppose I have a bucket set up as follows, with my DNS set up correctly:


If I have done this correctly, I can visit example.com/subfolder and index.html loads, which is to be expected.

However, if I were to visit example.com/subfolder?param=some_value something unexpected occurs: The GET parameter is removed.

More specifically:

Request : GET example.com/subfolder?param=some_value
Response: 302 Moved Temporarily

// Redirects to this
Request : GET example.com/subfolder/
Response: 200 OK

Is there anyway I can preserve the GET parameters when using this feature of Amazon S3?

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I think this answers your question: stackoverflow.com/a/20763131/1637295 –  scott_ri Dec 24 '13 at 19:49

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