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Does anybody know if Apache Commons is under active development? It seems to me like it requires a serious refresh. I cannot find any roadmap referencing a newer version.

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Yes they are, take a look at this roadmap from commons-lang:

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Apache Commons per se is not a single project, but a collection of various small projects which perform some isolated functionality, see for the current list and the official description of the project.

Many of these projects are active, e.g. commons-lang, commons-io, commons-exec, commons-mail.

Additionally there are some projects which are listed under "sandbox", these are projects that are not mature enough yet and there is a list of "dormant" projects, which are not actively developed any more.

So in fact the actual answer depends on the actual project under apache-commons which you are looking at. Most of these projects handle feature requests/discussions on JIRA ( and might have some release-plan being posted there, however you will probably get the most authorative answer by posting to the mailing lists that each of these projects maintains.

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