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Given this working fiddle which is an exact copy of this d3 demo, I would like to replace the circle and text elements in the SVG with foreignObject elements which contain some custom HTML.

I was able to manually add one using the following code:

var newFO = document.createElementNS('', "foreignObject");
$(newFO).append("<div class='test'>" + strNameVar + "</div>");

(fiddle with this implemented)

But it's not part of the graph, obviously. I really don't understand d3 enough to insert these on the fly using the "links" dataset in the demo. Basically I need to adapt the following code to use a foreignObject instead of a text element and then insert the custom HTML:

var text = svg.append("g").selectAll("text")
    .attr("x", 8)
    .attr("y", ".31em")
    .text(function (d) { return; });

update: This version of the fiddle is the closest I've come, but it's applying the transform to the div instead of the parent foreignObject.

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You can do this by appending the g elements first and then the foreignObject elements below. Like this (in a slight abuse of selectors):

var node = svg.selectAll("foreignObject")
    // etc

Complete example here.

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Works great, thanks! – Devil's Advocate Dec 18 '13 at 22:33

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