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In the following code, I partially apply a DB connection (called sharedPipe) to some DB access functions. When I have the last line of the DB access be liftIO $ PutStrLn "something", I can have a return type of IO (). But if I want to return the results from the function, I must return a type Action IO (). When I run the code, the compiler tells me the expected type of the DB connection is IO Pipe, and its actual type is Action IO Pipe, because I access the connection <- passedInConnection in the same do block that returns the Action. How can I access the DB connection as an IO Pipe and not an Action IO Pipe?

sharedPipe = runIOE $ connect (host "")

run p dbName act = access p master (pack dbName) act

get' :: IO Pipe -> String -> [String] -> Action IO [String]
get' sharedPipe dbName args = do
    pipe <- liftIO sharedPipe
    cursor <- run pipe dbName $ DB.find (select [] (pack $ head args))
    docs <- rest (case cursor of
                    Right c -> c)
    parseDocs docs
    --liftIO $ putStrLn "something"

get :: String -> [String] -> Action IO [String]
get = get' sharedPipe
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It looks like pipe <- sharedPipe should be pipe <- liftIO sharedPipe, since the do-block is in the Action IO monad. –  danidiaz Dec 18 '13 at 23:24

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I've reduced your code block to the problem components. The following fixes your problem by using liftIO:

import Database.MongoDB
import Control.Monad.IO.Class

sharedPipe :: IO Pipe
sharedPipe = runIOE $ connect (host "")

get :: [String] -> Action IO [String]
get = get' sharedPipe

get' :: IO Pipe -> [String] -> Action IO [String]
get' sharedPipe args = do
    pipe <- liftIO $ sharedPipe
    return []

As mentioned by Daniel Díaz Carrete, your function get' is in the Action (IO a) monad transformer stack. sharedPipe is of type IO Pipe, and since Action m a is an instance of MonadIO, you can use simply the liftIO to run the action and retrieve your pipe.

Also, for reference, your code block doesn't appear usable with the current version of Database.MongoDB. run, specifically, is called access.

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This did help, but the fundamental problem was that I needed to call access on a function that returned an Action. –  Rose Perrone Dec 19 '13 at 3:32

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