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I'm trying to read a specific DIV on the page using just ActionScript from my SWF. Unfortunately I don't have access to the JS on the page. I only receive null when I try to run this AS code.

var childTest:String = ExternalInterface.call("function expansionCheck(){return document.getElementById('myDIV').hasChildNodes();}") as String;
ExternalInterface.call('console.log', 'childTest is '+childTest);

I have verified that the param's are set correctly to make this happen.

<param name="allowScriptAccess" value="always">

Any thoughts?

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Are you getting any console.log errors when you run that? –  Johnston Dec 19 '13 at 3:45

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This is the syntax of ExternalInterface.call() method.

function call(functionName:String, ... arguments):*

- functionName:String — The alphanumeric name of the function to call in the container.

But you are not passing the function name instead you have the function itself.

Also function expansionCheck() should be there in the html page, so that you can access it using ExternalInterface.call() method.

Further, Returns * — The response received from the container. If the call failed– for example, if there is no such function in the container, the interface is not available, a recursion occurred (with a Netscape or Opera browser), or there is a security issue– null is returned and an error is thrown.

Check this link for further details on ExternalInterface.call()



function expansionCheck(){
    return document.getElementById('myDIV').hasChildNodes();


var childTest:String = ExternalInterface.call("expansionCheck") as String;
ExternalInterface.call('console.log', 'childTest is '+childTest);
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Based on your answer, this shouldn't work, but it does. Is there something prohibited in the DOM, that is allowed in doing a simple browser version check? var myType:String = ExternalInterface.call("function testBrowser(){return navigator.userAgent}") as String; –  victorkhugo Dec 19 '13 at 17:52

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