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My code is a scheduler that makes a user sign-up to a particular slot in a particular sheet. The problem is that the code works only on the first sheet ("Jan 20 Mon").

function onEdit() {
  var ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet();
  var sheet1 = ss.getSheetByName("Jan 20 Mon");
  var sheet2 = ss.getSheetByName("Jan 21 Tue");
  var sheet3 = ss.getSheetByName("Jan 22 Wed");
  var sheet4 = ss.getSheetByName("Jan 23 Thurs");
  var sheet5 = ss.getSheetByName("Jan 24 Fri");

  var condition1as1 = sheet1.getRange("B2").getValue(); var condition1bs1 = sheet1.getRange("C2").getValue(); var condition1cs1 = sheet1.getRange("D2").getValue(); var condition1ds1 = sheet1.getRange("E2").getValue();
  var condition1as2 = sheet2.getRange("B2").getValue(); var condition1bs2 = sheet2.getRange("C2").getValue(); var condition1cs2 = sheet2.getRange("D2").getValue(); var condition1ds2 = sheet1.getRange("E2").getValue();
  var condition1as3 = sheet3.getRange("B2").getValue(); var condition1bs3 = sheet3.getRange("C2").getValue(); var condition1cs3 = sheet3.getRange("D2").getValue(); var condition1ds3 = sheet1.getRange("E2").getValue();
  var condition1as4 = sheet4.getRange("B2").getValue(); var condition1bs4 = sheet4.getRange("C2").getValue(); var condition1cs4 = sheet4.getRange("D2").getValue(); var condition1ds4 = sheet1.getRange("E2").getValue();
  var condition1as5 = sheet5.getRange("B2").getValue(); var condition1bs5 = sheet5.getRange("C2").getValue(); var condition1cs5 = sheet5.getRange("D2").getValue(); var condition1ds5 = sheet1.getRange("E2").getValue();

  if (condition1cs1 == "1" && condition1ds1 == "None") {
    var response = Browser.msgBox("PLEASE RECHECK SCHEDULE AND TID.", condition1as1+" , "+condition1bs1+" Are you sure?", Browser.Buttons.YES_NO);
    if (response == "yes") {
      //insert msgBox here
    } else {
      Browser.msgBox("Input again.");

  if (condition1cs2 == "1" && condition1ds2 == "None") {
    var response = Browser.msgBox("PLEASE RECHECK SCHEDULE AND TID.", condition1as2+" , "+condition1bs2+" Are you sure?", Browser.Buttons.YES_NO);
    if (response == "yes") {
      //insert msgBox here
    } else {
      Browser.msgBox("Input again.");

Basically, I tried to set-up all the sheets I am working with so I could access them anytime. The first if is for the first sheet (and it works). The second if is for the second sheet (and it doesn't work).

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How do I make it run on multiple sheets? What is the format/principle behind running onEdit on multiple sheets? – user3117490 Dec 19 '13 at 2:58
What do you mean by "code works only on the first sheet" ? Can you elaborate – Srik Dec 19 '13 at 5:51
The first "if" is for the first sheet. The second "if" is for the second sheet. The code only works until the first sheet / first "if". The second "if" doesn't work at all. That said, I will be adding 3 more "if's" for the remaining 3 sheets (which of course wouldn't work either using my code). – user3117490 Dec 20 '13 at 1:16

Read Spreadsheet Edit Events in Understanding Events. Using the event that's delivered to an onEdit function, you can determine where an edit has occurred, and avoid using any explicit methods to retrieve that information.

Caveat: This feature is currently broken with the New Sheets that was introduced Dec 2013. There are enough Scripting Issues that you should avoid using the New Sheets for now.

This is an example of how you could do that.

function onEdit(event) {
  var ss = event.source;  // you don't use this, but if you did, here's how to get it

  var cell = event.range;  // This is the cell that was edited
  // TODO: Add code that returns immediately if the edit occurred somewhere we don't care about

  var sheet = cell.getSheet();

  var request = sheet.getRange("B2:E2").getValues();
  var conditionas = request[0];
  var conditionbs = request[1];
  var conditioncs = request[2];
  var conditionds = request[3];

  if (conditioncs == "1" && conditionds == "None") {
    var response = Browser.msgBox("PLEASE RECHECK SCHEDULE AND TID.", conditionas+" , "+conditionbs+" Are you sure?", Browser.Buttons.YES_NO);
    if (response == "yes") {
      //insert msgBox here
    } else {
      Browser.msgBox("Input again.");
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TypeError: Cannot read property "source" from undefined. (line 2, file "Prototype Code") – user3117490 Dec 20 '13 at 0:52
onEdit(event) - If you don't declare the parameter, it's undefined. – Mogsdad Dec 20 '13 at 2:25

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