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I am using Maven to build my project. I currently split testing into different hierarchies:

  • Unit tests -> src/test/java/**/*Test.java
  • Integration tests -> src/test-integration/java/**/*Test.java
  • External tests -> src/test-external/java/**/*Test.java

Here is my maven-surefire-plugin section:


The <include> directive above does not work. No tests are executed when I run: mvn clean test

I tried **/*Test.java and it runs all the tests -- unit, integration, and external. However, for the default test suite, I only want to run the unit tests.

How can I make this work in Maven?


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You should separate your unit and integration test cases. Unit tests can be run using Surefire plugin and there is a separate plugin called Failsafe for running integration tests.

Surefire plugin by default runs all test files whose name ends with *Test.java. The trick is to name your integration test files with a different name, say *IT.java. Failsafe plugin will identify them as integration tests.

You can find a sample usage in this answer - How do I get my Maven Integration tests to run

Also you dont have to separately configure Surefire plugin if you follow the default setup like putting your test case files in src/test/java folder and name your test files as *Test.java.

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This is because <include> path is relative to <testSourceDirectory> which defaults to ${project.build.testSourceDirectory} = src/test/java. Try this

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Would it be easier to use an exclusion rather than the inclusion?


Or something like that?

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