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I create NSViewController. It manage my view hierarchy and set other views in one NSBox.

- (void)displayViewController:(ManagingViewController *)vc
NSWindow *w = [box window];
NSView *v = [vc view];
[box setContentView:v];

I have two alternate views. The views have Quartz Composer root layer and CALayer sublayer.

 // ----------
 // Root Layer
 // ----------
 QCCompositionLayer* rootLayer = [QCCompositionLayer compositionLayerWithFile:[[NSBundle mainBundle]
[self setLayer:rootLayer];
[self setWantsLayer:YES];

 // ----------
 // Menu Layer
 // ----------
 menusLayer = [CALayer layer];
 menusLayer.frame = rootLayer.bounds;
 menusLayer.layoutManager =[CAConstraintLayoutManager layoutManager];

 [rootLayer addSublayer:menusLayer];

 // --------------
 // Menu Items
 // --------------
 NSInteger i;
 for (i=0;i<[section count];i++) {
 NSString *name = [section objectAtIndex:i];

 CATextLayer *menuItemLayer = [CATextLayer layer];

 menuItemLayer.string = name;
 menuItemLayer.font = @"Lucida-Grande";
 menuItemLayer.fontSize = fontSize;
 menuItemLayer.foregroundColor = CGColorCreateGenericRGB(1.0,1.0,1.0,1.0);

 [menuItemLayer addConstraint:[CAConstraint
 [menuItemLayer addConstraint:[CAConstraint constraintWithAttribute:kCAConstraintMidX

 [menusLayer addSublayer:menuItemLayer];
 [menusLayer layoutIfNeeded];

I run my application, I can alternate views but I only look the QCCompositionLayer. When I use my custom NSView class directly, without NSView hierarchy, I can look all. Where's the error?

Excuse my bad english and thanks

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