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Using the jquery.datatables plugin with the ColVis addon, I recieve this error when I remove a column:

"Cannot read property 'sWidth' of undefined". I haven't been able to find a solution to this error online.

I'm not sure what's causing the error, although I do have a fix that I would like to post for the benefit of other's who run into this issue.

I'm using jquery.datatables 1.9.4 from

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On line 3255 of the DataTables source code is this line of code:

nThs[i].style.width = o.aoColumns[iVis].sWidth;

In this case o.aoColumns[iVis] is null because the column represented by the index has just been hidden. It seems like I've run into a corner case that the creators of the plugins weren't expecting. The above code gets called in response to an internal datatables event, which is triggered by a method called by ColVis when a column is hidden. All that's needed to work around this is to change the above code to:

var column = o.aoColumns[iVis];

if(column != null) {
    nThs[i].style.width = o.aoColumns[iVis].sWidth;

unfortunately this requires editing the core plugin code, but I'll put in a bug report and hope that they resolve this soon. in the meantime, hopefully this helps people looking for a workaround.

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search a.aoColumns[D].sWidth ,replace

 var column = a.aoColumns[D];if(column != null) {[D].sWidth} 
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