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I am working with AngularJS calendar (Which is essentially jQuery Full Calendar by Adam Shaw wrapped for angular). Here, the calendar event-item clicks worked both in ipad and desktop fine, until I brought in fastclick.js by ft labs (https://github.com/ftlabs/fastclick). Now, calendar event-item clicks works only on desktop, but not working at all on the ipad!

However, other ng-clicks work fine with fastclick both on desktop and iPad.

I understand how fastclick.js works by simply adding touch-end event listeners and calling click events within them, and cannot understand why this would fail with calendar event-item clicks.

Note: I tried using ngTouch instead of fastclick, but their, the ng-click doesn't become fast. According to google, ngTouch's ng-click cannot be used with jQuery

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Have you tried adding the needsclick class as specified in the fastclick documentation? –  JoseM May 23 '14 at 14:41
Can you update with code samples? or fiddle? –  dmcqu314 Apr 5 at 17:50
Where did you include the JS? Try to include in the header before anything else. –  wintercounter Apr 20 at 11:05
I recommend to use vclick from jquery mobile –  Marius Apr 30 at 10:14

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if all else fails you can inspect which events are linked to your elements with visual event: http://www.sprymedia.co.uk/article/visual+event This adds an overlayer to any web page and let you visually inspect the JS code that's linked to an element (it shows you the piece of code in a pop up).

this way you can easily see if everything is set up correctly.

PS: I have no link to this tool or it's makers.

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