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Hi i am struggling to give JSON feed as event source to full calendar.I tried different methods but not worked for me(ex. return type as json in struts2 it shows 500 error). Now i came up with a solution facing small issue like given below.

Codes and configurations-what i have

1) Action class with a property.

class JsonDemoAction{ private String data; // have all needed code here like getters/setters method etc... }

2) In struts.xml maps result to jsondemo.jsp

3) content of jsondemo.jsp

<%@ page contentType="application/json"%>
     <%@ taglib prefix="s" uri="/struts-tags"%>
     <s:property value="data"/>

Problem i am facing

1) The string data has content

[{"id":1,"title":"Task in Progress1","start":"2013-12-28","end":"2013-12-29"}, {"id":2,"title":"Task in Progress2","start":"2013-12-26","end":"2013-12-28"}]

2) The jsondemo.jsp gives output

[{&quot;id&quot;:1,&quot;title&quot;:&quot;Task in Progress1&quot;,&quot;start&quot;:&quot;2013-12-28&quot;,&quot;end&quot;:&quot;2013-12-29&quot;},{&quot;id&quot;:2,&quot;title&quot;:&quot;Task in Progress2&quot;,&quot;start&quot;:&quot;2013-12-26&quot;,&quot;end&quot;:&quot;2013-12-28&quot;}]

3) I need get the out put as double quote itself not like &quot; what can i do for that?

4) if i hard code the json data directly into jsondemo.jsp the calender displays events, no problem.

So finally "Can i avoid the conversion of " to &quot" is it problem of struts2?Is there any solution to achieve this?

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Got answer, change

<s:property value="data"/>


<s:property value="data" escapeHtml="false"/>

The problem is Struts2 escapes the " character in default , so i changed like escapeHtml="false"

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Its good that you found the answer yourself –  Saif Asif Dec 19 '13 at 11:19

Try to change:

<%@ page contentType="application/json"%>


<%@ page contentType="application/json;charset=UTF-8"%>
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I tried that but not works –  mahesh Dec 19 '13 at 7:25

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